A decade's worth of the relevant, important and odd can be found on Facebook

A decade's worth of the relevant, important and odd can be found on Facebook

By David Rookhuyzen / ADOT Communications
January 11, 2021

Last April, we were thrilled to be able to say that 100,000 people out there liked us.

Specifically, they liked our Facebook page, which hopefully means they follow it for updates on road conditions, state transportation news and the occasional bird sighting.

But this past weekend was an equally exciting benchmark. Because not only are we now closing in on 110,000 likes, but also because Sunday marked a decade of our page.

That's right. Back on January 10, 2011 we created our page and a couple days later started putting things out there into the digital ether. You can see our first two posts to the right. They were put out within 30 minutes of each other, and were just plain text with no images. And, no one responded. Because our page was new and didn't have any followers, no one even knew we were posting!

But despite being maybe a bit unrefined compared to what you'll see today, you'll notice these first posts cover topics we still write about. Making sure drivers Know Snow is something of an annual wintertime mission for us. And we continue to want everyone to know how to access MVD services, including at AZ MVD Now.

Today, our Facebook page remains a go-to source for transportation news, major road closures and upcoming construction work. But we also make sure to sprinkle in dog sightings, construction photos, and fantastic photos from odd locations all around the state.

And, like all social media, it's where we have the best chance to interact with you – the traveling public. More than a few of your queries about seeing this-or-that while driving have been turned into blog posts, like this one from June 2011, only six months after our page started!

We won't venture a guess as to whether Facebook will eventually go the way of MySpace, Vine or Google Plus, but no matter what people are using a decade from now, we'll be there to help Arizona drivers arrive safely home. 

That and post about random saxophone players.

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