From the Director: Safely Home

From the Director: Safely Home

By John Halikowski / ADOT Director
October 10, 2019

Safely home. These two words represent ADOT’s True North, our direction in ensuring that when you use the state’s transportation system you get safely home to your families, and that our employees also get safely home. Two words – safely home - pure and simple!

But, what does it take to get you “Safely Home?” I have dedicated employees who strive every day to make sure ADOT is delivering and meeting our vision, “Moving Arizona. Becoming the safest, most reliable transportation system in the nation.” and our mission, “Connecting Arizona. Everyone. Everywhere. Every Day.”

It is making sure that our transportation system is moving goods, services and people to improve our state’s economy. It is making sure you can travel and explore our great state with your family and friends. It is making sure that commercial vehicles are traveling safely on our roads. It is making sure that we communicate and encourage safe driver behavior. It is using advances in technology, whether it is for licensing drivers and registering vehicles, combating wrong-way driving, or installing improved signage and striping. It is making sure our construction projects improve the mobility and safety of drivers every day, and get completed on time. It is making sure we are using the resources we have wisely.

We have a huge responsibility to residents and visitors. I can assure you that, at ADOT, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We value the trust placed in us in delivering an efficient and reliable transportation system.

It’s why “Safely Home” means everything to us at the Arizona Department of Transportation!

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