Everything now in place for the Fourth Street bridge project

Everything now in place for the Fourth Street bridge project

By Ryan Harding / ADOT Communications
August 5, 2020

Traffic is now driving on the new Fourth Street bridge, which opened recently after crews put the new bridges in place using an innovative method known as bridge sliding.

The bridge slide method is a technique that basically moves precast bridges using hydraulic jacks. The new Fourth Street bridges were moved nearly 50 feet into place after the old bridge was removed! This technique shaves a ton of time off of normal bridge construction. We’re talking days instead of months.

Fortunately for you, a member of ADOT’s video team was onsite to capture the Fourth Street bridge sliding into place. Check it out in this video to the right.

The new bridge is wider, adding a lane in each direction. It also includes a walled-off section for bicycles and pedestrians to cross the bridge, connecting the Flagstaff Urban Trail System across I-40.

The project as a whole is expected to wrap up this fall.

ADOT is always looking for new, innovative ways to deliver highway projects that can reduce delays and inconvenience for drivers. The bridge sliding technique is another way ADOT is delivering a safe, reliable transportation system more efficiently.