More HD views arrive at our Arizona Traveler Information site

More HD views arrive at our Arizona Traveler Information site

June 28, 2018

Different quality traffic camera shots

By Steve Elliott / ADOT Communications

It says something about my journey along life's path that updating my eyeglass prescription has become a magical event, especially after waiting much too long to visit the ophthalmologist.

When I uncased my latest pair of bifocals last night, the world seemed so much more colorful and detailed. Only the first person on Mars could gaze with such wide-eyed wonder, I thought while leaving the eyeglass counter, no doubt to concerned looks from staff and fellow customers.

I have something of the same feeling when I look at new views along the Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway in Tempe, especially when the view cheats a little south to include Tempe Town Lake. We recently upgraded traffic cameras in this stretch.

My Traffic Operations Center-based communications colleague Garin Groff, a master at finding early morning shots of the moon and stars, has new vantage point for his winning images.

Drink in that sweet HD view.


Traffic Camera

We're sometimes asked why all traffic cameras aren't HD.

The traffic cameras the public sees on the are positioned along highways to allow ADOT operators and DPS troopers at our Traffic Operations Center to monitor conditions. The cameras can accomplish that mission without an HD view.

ADOT continues to upgrade older traffic cameras as funding permits, with a goal of moving everything to digital HD. The work and funding required mean we can't upgrade everything right away, but you can see at that we're making progress.

I hope you enjoy these crisp new views from our Loop 202 Tempe traffic cameras as much as I enjoy reading fine print and faraway text with my spiffy new glasses.