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The Right of Way Group is divided into several different sections. For more information on each section, please contact the people listed below.


Right of Way Administration is responsible for the management of the Right of Way Group.

Position Person
Right of Way Administrator Paula Gibson
Deputy Right of Way Administrator, Development John Eckhardt
Deputy Right of Way Administrator, Real Estate Dave Edwards


Right of Way Acquisitions is responsible for acquiring property rights needed for construction and improvement of state highways throughout Arizona. This section also provides relocation assistance to eligible individuals and businesses displaced as a result of the state's acquisition.

Position Person Phone  
Section Manager  Chris Childers 602.712.8503


Right of Way Operations provides financial accounting, contract management and records retention for the Right of Way Group.

Position Person Phone Fax
Section Manager Carrie Drost 602.712.7912 602.712.8756
Accounting Section
Position, Responsibility Person Phone Fax
Regional Transportation Plan Carolyn Stocker 602.712.8796 602.712.8756
Statewide Zhenzhen Li 602.712.7583 602.712.8756


Right of Way Plans is responsible for field surveys, right of way plans, property descriptions, legal documents needed for acquisition or disposal of property rights and final monumentation upon completion of construction activities.

Right of Way Plans is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For Right of Way Plans information or questions, contact MMayes@azdot.gov.

Position, Responsibility Person Phone
Manager Michael Mayes 602.712.8782
Project Development Dan Miller, R.L.S. 602.712.6174
Chief Surveyor John C. King, R.L.S. 602.712.7492

Project Management

Right of Way Project Management section is responsible for right of way project coordination, property valuation, appraisal review and oversight of Local Public Agency (LPA) right of way activities and LPA Right of Way Qualification Program. Project coordinators are responsible for monitoring all right of way activities associated with a highway project.

Position Person Phone
Section Manager Richard Erickson 602.712.7085

Property Management

Right of Way Property Management is responsible for managing and maintaining property acquired for highway purposes, including demolition of improvements prior to construction, interim leasing and the inventory and sale of excess property. The section also negotiates lease agreements for ADOT facilities and maintains water rights and well records and is responsible for leasing, acquiring permits and remitting payments for leased material sites and haul roads.

The Property Management office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday. The disposal of excess ADOT property is governed by ARS 28-7095.

Position, Responsibility Person Phone
Section Manager Michael Craig 602.712.6568
Demolition Unit Greg Rodriquez 602.712.7144
Excess Land Inquiries and Sales Offerings
Material Sites, Leases and Permits
Aretha Perry Greene 602.712.7022
Leasing Information   602.712.7587


Right of Way Titles is responsible for ADOT-related land title research, highway establishment/abandonment, property disposals, condemnation coordination and preparation of Arizona State Transportation Board resolutions.

Position, Responsibility Person Phone
Titles Section Manager Steven Channer 602.712.6891
Condemnation Unit Ron Middlebrook 602.712.8160
Resolution and Disposal Unit
Position Person Phone

Byron Hopkins 602.712.6946
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