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Existing Right of Way Plans Index

This website contains existing Right of Way plans and surveys for interstate highways, state routes and U.S. highways that can be accessed by selecting a road and then clicking the milepost of the aerial map to see what plans are available at that location. Finally, to view the plans, click on the name of the set of plans you wish to view.

The Existing Plans Index does not contain Construction Record Drawings. For information on Construction Record Drawings, please visit the ROAD Portal or call the Project Resource Office, 602.712.7015.

You can choose a corridor below to display its Right of Way plans document or use the Right of Way Plans Search Engine to search by specified criteria.
Interstate Highways
I-8 to I-40
U.S. Highways
US 60 to US 191X
State Routes
SR 8B to SR 89A
SR 90 to SR 989
County R/W Maps*

*Note: These maps are older ADOT R/W (Right of Way) maps indexed by County, commonly referred to as County key maps.  Although the R/W information shown for most locations of the highways on the County R/W maps have been superseded by more current strip maps and/or R/W plans, the ADOT R/W maps indexed by County may represent the most current R/W map for some locations. For highways in La Paz County, search in the Yuma County maps.

Note: To see the plans, please allow pop-ups on this page, and make sure that "Display PDF in Browser" is checked in Adobe Reader/Acrobat Preferences.

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The Existing Plans Index was chosen to be an AASHTO Innovation Initiative.
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