Supplier (preparing to bid)

When ADOT needs to purchase construction supplies directly, it does so through the State Procurement Office and the ProcureAZ website. See the Bidding on Goods and Services Contracts page for more information.

A bigger opportunity for construction materials suppliers is acting as a supplier to prime contractors and subcontractors working on ADOT construction projects. As with subcontractors and truckers, this means you will need to build strong relationships with contractors that may the materials you supply. Attending pre-bid meetings and networking events may be helpful in establishing relationships with prime and subcontractors — See the Education and Assistance page for more information.


Materials suppliers are not normally considered subcontractors, and are not required to undergo subcontractor approval or submit payroll information to ADOT. However, you must be careful not to perform any action that is a part of the construction project itself or you will be considered a subcontractor. For instance, an asphalt supplier may haul asphalt to a construction site, and even load the laydown machine, while remaining a supplier. Were the asphalt supplier to then operate the laydown machine, however, it would be considered a subcontractor operating on site without approval.

Provided you act only as a supplier, obtaining jobs with contractors working for ADOT is very similar to obtaining jobs with contractors working on private sector projects.


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