ADOT Innovation

ADOT Innovation

Building Revenue and Efficiency for the Future

The Arizona Department of Transportation recognizes the growing need across the state for infrastructure preservation, modernization and expansion. Recent trends related to traditional transportation funding sources have affected many DOT budgets. Transportation revenue sources do not adjust based on inflation and market costs.  Higher mileage vehicles are reducing the amount of fuel purchased and lowering attendant tax revenues.  By comparison, the costs to preserve, modernize and improve transportation infrastructure continues to increase due to population growth, usage, aging infrastructure and market costs for construction materials and labor.

The ADOT Innovation Group was created to catalog and evaluate the agency’s transportation assets, and convert those valuable assets into entrepreneurial sponsorship opportunities with like-minded private sector businesses. These innovative projects provide new found revenue streams without burdening taxpayers.


Projects in development

Periodically, we will post upcoming projects and opportunities.


Innovation in action

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