Bridge Group Directory

Bridge Group Directory

Bridge Group is responsible for bridge design, bridge construction assistance and bridge management.
Written communication can be sent to this address:
205 S. 17th Ave.
MD 613E
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.7481


Contacts by Service Area

David Benton
State Bridge Engineer

Bridge Group provides three types of services: design, geotechnical and preservation.


Design Services

Each design section has been assigned the responsibility to handle all bridge and transportation structure issues for their assigned areas of responsibility within the state, as indicated below.  Note: Please use the Central District/Phoenix Metro Area Responsibilities Map below for assigned contacts.


Contact Position Area of Responsibility
Navaphan Viboolmate Assistant State Bridge Engineer Design Services
William F. Downes Design Section A Leader Northcentral and Southcentral Districts
Rosemarie Cvijanovic Design Section B Leader Northwest and Southwest Districts
Amjad Alzubi Design Section C Leader Northeast and Southeast Districts
Amjad Alzubi Bridge Standards Engineer  



Geotechnical Services

Contact Position Area of Responsibility
Patrice Brun Assistant State Bridge Engineer Geotechnical Services
Tad Niemyski Geotechnical Design Team Lead Geotechnical Design


Preservation Services

Contact Position Area of Responsibility
Vacant Assistant State Bridge Engineer Bridge Operations and Preservation Services
Peng Chen Section Leader Bridge Inspection
Enamul Hoque Section Leader Bridge Management