Bridge Preservation Program

Bridge Preservation Program

Demolition Debris Notice

Notice: Bridge and Overpass Demolition Debris Federal Aid Highway Bridge Program Eligible Bridges Public Law 109-59; Section 1805

On an annual basis, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) publishes the Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program (5-Year Construction Program). The program may include various bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects. The 5-Year Construction Program may be viewed on the ADOT website by using the Search feature. Should any federal, state or local governmental agency desire to utilize debris from a demolished bridge for beneficial use, including shore erosion control or stabilization, ecosystem restoration or marine habitat creation, it must be willing to

  • bear the additional cost associated with having the debris made available (processing, delivery, placement and use of the materials).
  • ensure that the placement of the debris complies with applicable law.
  • assume all future legal responsibility arising from the placement of the debris.

Please contact ADOT Bridge Group at 602.712.7481 if your agency is interested in developing an agreement for utilization of the demolition material.

For purposes of this notice, demolition material is considered debris if the contracting authority does not otherwise identify use of the material in the project documents and is further made available to other agencies as per the uses noted above.

Due to the necessity of incorporating the disposition of debris into the contract documents when another agency requests the use of material, only requests that are received 20 weeks or more prior to the project bid advertising can be accommodated in the development process. Requests made after that time may be accommodated after contract award through extra work orders. The agency requesting use of the material by extra work order will also be responsible for any additional costs associated with the changes.