Letter to Construction Manual Users

Letter to Construction Manual Users

Letter to Construction Manual Users

The ADOT Construction Manual is based on the Arizona Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and is organized in the same manner.

The Construction Manual is a manual of administration practices and inspection procedures. It does not replace or supersede the Standard Specifications, Project Plans, Special Provisions or other contract documents. The Construction Manual should be viewed as a supplement to common contract requirements. It also provides an informal and more complete perspective of contract requirements than can be found in formal contract specifications.

The manual is written primarily for the inspector, office personnel, project supervisor and resident engineer who need more insight into the intent and application of ADOT construction specifications. The Construction Manual should not be the first reference an inspector, project supervisor or resident engineer consults when a difficult issue arises at the project site. The Supplemental Agreements, Special Provisions, Project Plans, Standard Drawings and Standard Specifications should be used in conjunction with the Construction Manual.

Some of the topics on specifications interpretation and inspection procedure are too advanced for people who are new to highway construction. These people should consult with more experienced ADOT inspectors and project supervisors when a specification or inspection procedure requires explanation.

Our goal is to give you a manual that will improve decision making in the field, serve as a training tool, help build quality projects and provide the consistency and fairness desired by our construction industry partners. The extent to which you use this manual to improve your inspections and contract administration skills will reflect on how successful we have been in empowering you.

Please assist us by providing feedback where specific errors are noted or where you feel clarification is needed.


Bill Fay
State Construction Engineer