Consultant Contract Administration

Consultant Contract Administration

Summary of Contracts

Due to a present shortage of qualified and trained full-time employees (FTEs), temporary technician contracts provide a large number of the inspection and testing personnel required by ADOT to meet their contractual administration obligations. Currently, ADOT has six firms to assist in this effort.

On-all construction project assignment contracts have always been and continue to be an in-place vehicle by which we assist the districts with small, troublesome projects. Projects identified by this office and the district engineer can be assigned for contract administration without advertisement for Statement of Qualifications. Assignments are small projects that take up a lot of the district personnel time or could be specialty projects that require other disciplines outside highway-construction engineering. This type of contract is used for small projects of $10 million-or-less bid estimates, which eliminates the need to advertise for Statements of Qualifications, saving ADOT and the consultants time and money. This type of contract is advertised ahead of time, negotiated and put in place for future use. Agreed negotiated rates are used for the life of the contract with the only rate changes being the cost of living allowed by the state.

On-call acceptance materials contracts are similar to on-call construction contracts. This type of contract allows the state to bring a full lab, including equipment and personnel, on board to assist ADOT districts’ construction projects in remote areas where no ADOT lab is available. This agreement assists ADOT in meeting its materials sampling, testing and inspection obligations to the contractor constructing the project. This type of contract relieves ADOT of establishing a lab and relocating ADOT personnel. This on-call contract has not been as effective in its use as the state anticipated. However, where districts have used it, it has been a tremendous help.

The last type of contract is a full-service contract handled by this office, and it has been of tremendous help. This type of contract has allowed the state to hire consultant firms with teams that have the necessary experience and expertise required to construct ADOT projects at a fair price. Work within this contract involves developing the scope of work, reviewing the work involved and establishing a realistic outlook of the staffing needs to construct the project. This contract is advertised a minimum of 90 days prior to the award of the construction contract, which allows ADOT to have a consultant team ready to begin work as soon as the contractor starts work. The consultant team awarded the construction administration contract carries the same responsibilities as if ADOT were doing it.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Consultant Contract Administrators, Melissa Siaotong (602.712.6223) or Sherri Ross (602.712.6825).