Contact Construction and Materials

Contact Construction and Materials

The ADOT Construction and Materials Group monitors and implements statewide construction policies and procedures that continually improve project cost effectiveness and quality. The Construction and Materials Group includes the following departments:

Construction Group Administration

State Construction Engineer: William P. Fay, PE

Person Position Phone
William P. Fay, PE State Construction Engineer 602.712.4132
Kole Dea Assistant State Construction Engineer 602.712.8992
Robert Brook Construction Quality Assurance Manager 602.341.9121
Sara Shideler Administrative Service Officer 602.712.7324
Yvonne Knight Procurement Specialist 602.712.4850
Jacqueline Hostetler Administrative Assistant II 602.712.7398

Materials Group

State Materials Engineer: Jesús A. Sandoval-Gil, M.S., PhD., PE

Person Position Phone
Jesús A. Sandoval-Gil, M.S., PhD., PE State Materials Engineer 602.712.2592
Brent Conner, PE Assistant State Materials Engineer 602.712.8085
Alex Galvez, PE Concrete Engineer 602.712.3542
Shawn McDougal, MBA Materials Quality Assurance Manager 602.712.7206
Dharminder Sharma, PE, LEED AP Bituminous Engineer 602.712.8041
Nye McCarty, PE Flagstaff Regional Material Engineer 928.779.7522 
Murari Pradhan, PE Phoenix Regional Material Engineer 602.712.6574 
Jessica Banner, PE Prescott Regional Material Engineer 928.777.5899 
Abraham Abdulnour, PE Tucson Regional Material Engineer 520.419.4037
Melissa Miller Materials Specifications Writer 602.712.7974
Josh Bailey Mix Design & Binder Lab Supervisor 602.712.7289
David Coronado Soils & Aggregate Lab Supervisor 602.712.2578
Cristo Cervantes Structural Materials Lab Supervisor 602.712.6573
Person Lab Phone
Bobby Chaffin Cordes Junction Area Lab 928.277.2777 
Chris Vega Flagstaff Regional Lab 928.779.7537 
Tim Macias Flagstaff Area Lab 928.779.7537 
Richard Franco Globe Area Lab 928.402.5622 
Vacant Holbrook Area Lab 928.524.5480 
Daniel Russell Kingman Area Lab 928.681.6023 
Anthony Avalos Phoenix Area Lab 602.712.6021
Eric Jaramillo Prescott Regional Lab 928.777.5902 
Isaac Cañez Tucson Regional Lab 520.388.4274 
William Vance Tucson Area Lab 520.209.4564 
Robert Sowder Yuma Area Lab 928.317.2184 


Value and Quality Assurance

Person Position Phone
William P. Fay, PE State Construction Engineer 602.712.4132
Kole Dea Assistant State Construction Engineer 602.712.8992
David Casselbury, PLA Statewide Landscape Architect 602.712.6596
Robert Pankonin, PLA  Landscape Architect 602.712.7863
Vacant Landscape Architect 602.712.xxxx
Robert W. Brook State Construction Quality Assurance Manager 602.712.7328
Remigio Valencia Jr. Lead Independent QA Reviewer 602.291.0770
Dave Zook Independent QA Reviewer 602.339.3457
Eric Gaedert Independent QA Reviewer 602.712.2048
Marshall Gross Independent QA Reviewer 480.431.0004


Quality Assurance Materials Group

Person Position Phone
Jésus A. Sandoval-Gil, M.S., PhD., PE State Materials Engineer 602.712.2592
Shawn McDougal, MBA State Materials Quality Assurance Manager 602.712.7206
Frank Aranas Lab Inspection Supervisor 602.712.7013
Peter Karellas QA Tech IV Lab Inspector 602.712.6575
Martin Coronado QA Tech IV / Sample Checklist / Proficiency Sample / Lab Inspector / AASHTO and CCRL Reporting 602.712.7382
Pete Cheesebrough Annex Supervisor / Department Radiation Safety Officer and Trainer 602.712.7741
Vince Miller Annex - Tech IV / Radiation Safety Officer 602.712.7741
Frank Fierros Annex - Tech III 602.712.7741
Greg McDowell Annex - Tech III 602.712.7741
Stuart Westerfield Annex - Tech III 602.712.7741
Wyatt Hubler Annex - Tech III 602.712.7741


Field Reports

Person Position Phone
Irene Del Castillo Field Reports Manager 602.712.7321
Estella Robinson Field Reports Assistant Manager 602.712.8916
Ladd Bouts Project Finals Specialist Supervisor 602.712.7298
Irene Ochoa Administrative Support Specialist 602.712.7301
Bev Swartz Subcontracts Specialist 602.712.7346
Kelly Baum Project Finals Specialist 602.712.2333
John J. Ponce Project Finals Specialist 602.712.6849
Hazel Cambern Project Finals Specialist 602.712.6548
Christine Martinez Project Finals Specialist 602.712.7213
Jasmin Lugo Labor Compliance Supervisor 602.712.7299
Debra Bowie Labor Compliance 602.712.7297
Deanna Cordova  Labor Compliance 602.712.6241
Lydia Ramirez  Labor Compliance 602.712.7223
Melissa Siaotong Consultant Contract Administrator 602.712.6223
Sherri Ross Consultant Contract Administrator 602.712.6825


For all Construction Project inquiries, please call 602.712.7856.