Laboratory Inspection Program

Laboratory Inspection Program

The Laboratory Inspection Program administers all materials testing laboratories that perform testing activities for the department. Compliance to test procedures and equipment requirements are included in the inspection.

All independent, contractor, materials supplier, government and other testing laboratories desiring to perform testing activities for ADOT must submit to an inspection as specified in the System for the Evaluation of Testing Laboratories directive.

The inspection considers those elements of service that the respective laboratory proposes to offer to the department. A List of Test Procedures for which inspection coverage is offered is available for review. This requirement includes laboratories submitting asphaltic concrete mix designs and those performing acceptance and referee testing for the department. The QA section will inspect only laboratories that are involved, or seeking involvement, in an activity related to the design or construction of an ADOT project.

Equipment and procedural inspections are normally conducted simultaneously; however, circumstances may dictate independent inspections. The inspection formats will generally conform to the techniques employed by AMRL and CCRL, as appropriate. The inspectors will present a summary of their findings and identify deficiencies requiring corrective action at an informal exit review where any deficiencies discovered can be discussed openly. It is requested that the laboratory manager and supervising engineer be present at the exit review.

A written inspection report will be issued by the QA section to the laboratory that has been inspected. The laboratory must provide the QA engineer with satisfactory responses to the noted deficiencies within 30 days of the report issuance. The responses must provide satisfactory evidence that all significant deficiencies were corrected or that corrective action is in progress. The laboratory's inspection and responses will be considered when evaluating ADOT eligibility.


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