Recreational and Cultural Interest Signs

Arizona Manual of Approved Signs (MOAS) - the official list of road, highway, and traffic signs for use on state highways in the State of Arizona.

Formats and layouts for the new designs of recreational and cultural interest signs are not yet available. When available, these new layouts will be published on this website.

Sign Code Sign Title Post Date
RS-002 Smoking sign Smoking June 2013
RS-005 Tunnel sign Tunnel June 2013
RS-006 Lookout Tower sign Lookout Tower June 2013
RS-009 Dam sign Dam June 2013
RS-010 Fish Hatchery sign Fish Hatchery June 2013
RS-011 Deer Viewing Area sign Deer Viewing Area June 2013
RS-012 Bear Viewing Area sign Bear Viewing Area June 2013
RS-013 Drinking Water sign Drinking Water June 2013
RS-015 Ranger Station sign Ranger Station June 2013
RS-017 Pets On Leash sign Pets On Leash June 2013
RS-020 Grocery sign Grocery June 2013
RS-021 Rest Room (Men) sign Rest Room (Men) June 2013
RS-022 Rest Room sign Rest Room June 2013
RS-023 Rest Room (Women) sign Rest Room (Women) June 2013
RS-024 First Aid sign First Aid June 2013
RS-026 Post Office sign Post Office June 2013
RS-027 Mechanic sign Mechanic June 2013
RS-030 Lockers sign Lockers June 2013
RS-034 Parking sign Parking June 2013
RS-035 Showers sign Showers June 2013
RS-036 Viewing Area sign Viewing Area June 2013
RS-037 Sleeping Shelter sign Sleeping Shelter June 2013
RS-039 Picnic Shelter sign Picnic Shelter June 2013
RS-040 Trailer Camping sign Trailer Camping June 2013
RS-041 RV Dump Station sign RV Dump Station June 2013
RS-042 Camp Fires sign Camp Fires June 2013
RS-043 Trail Shelter sign Trail Shelter June 2013
RS-044 Picnic Table sign Picnic Table June 2013
RS-045 Kennel sign Kennel June 2013
RS-046 Cross Country Skiing sign Cross Country Skiing June 2013
RS-047 Downhill Skiing sign Downhill Skiing June 2013
RS-049 Sledding sign Sledding June 2013
RS-050 Ice Skating sign Ice Skating June 2013
RS-052 Snowmobiling sign Snowmobiling June 2013
RS-053 Marina sign Marina June 2013
RS-054 Boat Ramp sign Boat Ramp June 2013
RS-055 Motorboating sign Motorboating June 2013
RS-056 Sailing sign Sailing June 2013
RS-057 Rowboating sign Rowboating June 2013
RS-058 Water Skiing sign Water Skiing June 2013
RS-059 Surfing sign Surfing June 2013
RS-060 Diving (SCUBA) sign Diving (SCUBA) June 2013
RS-061 Swimming sign Swimming June 2013
RS-062 Diving sign Diving June 2013
RS-063 Fishing sign Fishing June 2013
RS-064 Horse Trail sign Horse Trail June 2013
RS-067 Off-Road Vehicle Trail sign Off-Road Vehicle Trail June 2013
RS-068 Hiking Trail sign Hiking Trail June 2013
RS-070 Amphitheater sign Amphitheater June 2013
RS-073 Stable sign Stable June 2013
RS-076 Wildlife Viewing sign Wildlife Viewing June 2013
RS-077 Winter Recreation Area sign Winter Recreation Area June 2013
RS-078 Snowshoeing sign Snowshoeing June 2013
RS-079 Canoeing sign Canoeing June 2013
RS-081 Technical Rock Climbing sign Technical Rock Climbing June 2013
RS-082 Climbing sign Climbing June 2013
RS-084 Spelunking sign Spelunking June 2013
RS-085 Laundromat sign Laundromat June 2013
RS-086 Litter Receptacle sign Litter Receptacle June 2013
RS-087 Tour Boat sign Tour Boat June 2013
RS-088 Wading sign Wading June 2013
RS-090 Fire Extinguisher sign Fire Extinguisher June 2013
RS-091 Dumpster sign Dumpster June 2013
RS-092 Ice Fishing sign Ice Fishing June 2013
RS-095 All-Terrain Trail sign All-Terrain Trail June 2013
RS-097 Exercise / Fitness sign Exercise / Fitness June 2013
RS-098 Skateboarding sign Skateboarding June 2013
RS-099 Rattlesnakes sign Rattlesnakes June 2013
RS-101 Cans or Bottles sign Cans or Bottles June 2013
RS-102 Snack Bar sign Snack Bar June 2013
RS-103 Radios sign Radios June 2013
RS-104 Recreational Vehicles sign Recreational Vehicles June 2013
RS-105 Ski Lift sign Ski Lift June 2013
RS-108 Wind Surfing sign Wind Surfing June 2013
RS-109 Theater sign Theater June 2013
RS-111 Strollers sign Strollers June 2013
RS-112 Firewood Cutting sign Firewood Cutting June 2013
RS-115 Float Plane sign Float Plane June 2013
RS-116 Archery sign Archery June 2013
RS-117 Small Boat Launch sign Small Boat Launch June 2013
RS-118 Kayaking sign Kayaking June 2013
RS-119 Fishing Pier sign Fishing Pier June 2013
RS-120 Wood Gathering sign Wood Gathering June 2013
RS-121 Personal Watercraft sign Personal Watercraft June 2013
RS-123 Stay On Trail sign Stay On Trail June 2013
RS-124 Radiator Water sign Radiator Water June 2013
RS-126 Hang Gliding sign Hang Gliding June 2013
RS-127 Snowboarding sign Snowboarding June 2013
RS-128 Golf sign Golf June 2013
RS-129 Tennis sign Tennis June 2013
RS-137 Baby Changing Station (Men's) sign Baby Changing Station (Men's) June 2013
RS-138 Baby Changing Station (Women's) sign Baby Changing Station (Women's) June 2013
RS-140 Pick-Up Trucks sign Pick-Up Trucks June 2013
RS-141 Nature Study Area sign Nature Study Area June 2013
RS-142 Cultural Interest Area sign Cultural Interest Area June 2013
RS-143 Dog Sledding sign Dog Sledding June 2013
RS-144 Snow Tubing sign Snow Tubing June 2013
RS-145 Beach sign Beach June 2013
RS-146 Rafting sign Rafting June 2013
RS-147 Boat Motor sign Boat Motor June 2013
RS-148 Walk-In Camping sign Walk-In Camping June 2013
RS-149 Corral sign Corral June 2013
RS-150 Electrical Hook-Up sign Electrical Hook-Up June 2013
RS-301 Firearms sign Firearms June 2013
RS-302 Hunting sign Hunting June 2013