Traffic Engineering Group Staff

Traffic Engineering Group Staff

Traffic Group

Contact the Traffic Group for information regarding

  • Traffic Engineering design elements on ADOT projects.
  • Traffic Engineering standards and specifications used on ADOT projects.


Mailing Address

205 S. 17th Ave.
2nd Floor, MD061R
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Maysa Hanna, P.E., 
State Traffic Engineer

Marla Heiler,
Administrative Services Officer


Traffic Standards


Amirul I Rajib, Ph.D., P.E,
Traffic Standards Engineer

Contact Traffic Standards for information regarding

  • policies and procedures for traffic engineering statewide.
  • questions regarding traffic engineering references and resources.


Contact the appropriate regional traffic engineer through their District Office for information regarding operations and maintenance issues affecting traffic-related items on non-freeway state highways in the region, including signs, pavement markings, traffic signals and street lighting.


Traffic Design

Scott Orrahood P.E., State Traffic Design Manager

The Traffic Design Section is comprised of three design teams:

Quinn Farol, P.E.
Manager, Team 1

Rados Gluscevic, P.E.
Manager, Team 2

Thomas Tortice, P.E. 
Manager, Team 3

Contact the Traffic Design Section for information regarding

  • designing plans, specifications and estimates for traffic control devices and treatments for highways in the region, including signs, pavement markings, temporary traffic control, traffic signals, roadway illumination and lighting.
  • analyzing and implementing freeway operations improvements, and managing and designing freeway signing update projects statewide.
  • conducting speed zoning studies, traffic signal warrant studies and other general traffic design and operations studies.