Contact Procurement

Mailing Address

1739 W. Jackson St.
Suite A, MD100P
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602.712.7211

Executive Team

Susan Bayer, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M. 
Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4437

Maricela Agredano
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 602.712.8504

Christine Fruitman, CPPB
Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7205

Gary Henry
Senior Procurement Specialist
Phone: 602.712.7304

Aimee Fields
Procurement Specialist
Phone: 602.712.8545


Compliance Team

Robyn Caillouette,CASPP
Phone: 602.712.7466

Laura Forst
DBE Compliance Specialist
Phone: 602.712.2089


Construction and Design, Equipment and Fleet, Roadway Maintenance Materials and Service Team

Jennifer Hefley
Phone: 602.712.8584

Christina Jimenez
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4458

  • Bituminous Materials
  • Crack Sealing Services
  • Chip Seal and Fog Coat Application Services
  • Grand Canyon Logo Signs
  • Preventative Surface Treatment Services
  • Slurry and Micro-Surfacing Services

Stacy Wiesner
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.6939

  • Aggregate Materials
  • De-Icing Chemicals
  • Erosion Control Products
  • Guard Rail Materials and Services
  • Highway Maintenance Services
  • Pipeline and Hydro-vac Services
  • Traffic Control Services

Dirk Franklin
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7304

  • Delineators
  • Pavement Marking Materials
  • Roadway Electrical Services
  • Roadway Lighting Maintenance
  • Signs Materials
  • Sign Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance
  • Traffic Operation Services and Supplies
  • Traffic Paint and Glass Beads

Anita Colebrooke
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7827

  • Deck Park Maintenance
  • Highway Maintenance Services
  • Roadway Electrical Services and Lighting Maintenance

Joyann George
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4879

  • Architects and Engineering Services
  • Airport Pavement Management Services
  • Construction and Design Services
  • JOC Contracts

Elizabeth Villalino
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7686

  • Highway Landscape Maintenance Services
  • Irrigation Supplies
  • Litter Control
  • Tree Services

Pam Veal, C.P.S.M.
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7564

  • Automotive Parts, Supplies and Services
  • Bulk Fuel (including Propane)
  • Fleet Equipment & Maintenance
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Roadside Assistance

Facilities Maintenance, IT Products and Services and Professional Services

Valarie Erwin, CPPB
Phone: 602.712.8562

Sharon Tohtsoni
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8595

  • Electronic Signage and Control
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Roadway Electrical Components
  • Traffic Cameras

Amir Sakhi
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4398

  • Information Technology Resources
  • ITS On-Call Consultant Services
  • Specialized IT Hardware and Software
  • Telecommunication Parts and Services

Bambi Brenden, CPPB, CASPP
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4294

  • Environmental Asbestos/Abatement/Pollutants/Tanks
  • Environmental Emergency and Routine Response
  • Environmental On-Call Services
  • Public Private Partnership Consultants

Saranna Davidson
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8519

  • Aeronautic Consultants and Related Services
  • Business Engagement Consultants and Services
  • Financial/Bond/Auditing Services
  • Planning On-Call Consultant Services
  • Research On-Call Consultant Services
  • Temporary Staffing Services

Brett Jones
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4321

  • Audio/Visual Equipment and Accessories
  • Awards and Promotional Items
  • Copiers and Multi-Functional Devices
  • General Office Supplies
  • IT Office Equipment
  • Janitorial Services
  • Legal Advertising
  • Mail Services/Equipment
  • Meeting Planner Services
  • Office Furniture
  • Printing Services

Ivan Alexander
Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8860

  • Building Materials
  • Facility Landscape Maintenance Services
  • Facility Maintenance and Repair
  • Fencing
  • Herbicide/Pesticide
  • Industrial and Related Supplies
  • Janitorial Services
  • Lab Supplies and Equipment
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Pest Control Services
  • Safety Clothing
  • Uniform Rental
  • Water and Ice

Procurement Resource Team

Cristina Ramirez
Service Desk Supervisor
Phone: 602.712.4947

Bonnie Hartley
Senior Service Desk Analyst
Phone: 602.712.8520

Bariah Steiner
Senior Procurement Resource Center Technician
Phone: 602.712.8614