ITS Master Plan

ITS Master Plan

The ADOT TSMO Division has initiated development of an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Master Plan to relieve congestion, optimize infrastructure investments, and develop strategies that promote a safe and reliable transportation system. The purpose of the ITS Master Plan is to develop a plan that creates consensus on what items are to be integrated, and what ITS Strategies are to be implemented to facilitate future TSMO goals throughout the state. As deployment of connected vehicle technologies on public roadways increase and with the establishment of the Connected Vehicle (CV) initiative, the ITS Master Plan will be an important step in identifying framework to support CV technology.

The ITS Master Plan will create the opportunity to involve various stakeholders. To gather the appropriate information throughout the process, the project has been divided into three phases.


  1. The first phase involves gathering information from all stakeholders (ADOT Transportation Divisions and Districts) on the capabilities of existing infrastructure and overall project goals and vision for ITS in the state.
  2. The methods of input during this phase will be workshops at each ADOT District and utilizing the PublicCoordinate online platform to gather virtual pinpoint comments on a map of ADOT Districts. Using the output of the online platform, requests for information will be sent to ADOT stakeholders for applicable System Layer Plans and as a request for participation in specific System Layer Plans for future workshops
  3. The second phase involves working with the ADOT Project Management Team (PMT) and other key ADOT staff to develop the goals and objectives, identify known gaps, and produce actionable recommendations, specific to the System Layer Plans. By utilizing focused workshops for each System Layer Plan and a cross-layer workshop with ADOT PMT, a challenges and gaps analysis report will be produced, as well as the first iterations of the final Systems Layer Plans.
  4. The third and final phase brings all stakeholders back together to discuss prioritization of the recommendations produced from the individual System Layer Plan process. An implementation plan will be developed using the output and feedback from all stakeholder workshops. The workshops held in this last phase will define the most useful format and structure of the ITS Master Plan as well as supporting tools. Combining all information received and plans produced throughout the process, a draft and final executive summary and ITS Master Plan will be produced.
Public Coordinate website
Public Coordinate websitehe project timeline with related tasks and deliverables that are to be expected are as follows:


The project timeline with related tasks and deliverables that are to be expected are as follows:

stakeholder involvement task breakdown diagram

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