Please be advised that changes are coming to the registration documents and license plate decals for vehicle fleets. 

Effective July 22, 2021, newly printed fleet vehicle registration documents will indicate “FLEET” where the expiration date would normally be listed and the license plate decal will indicate “PERM FLT”. 

This is intended to alleviate confusion with regard to individual vehicle registration expiration dates. All vehicles within a fleet are renewed simultaneously each year. Law enforcement will continue to be able to view specific vehicle registration dates in their system. 

These changes will begin for vehicle registrations printed on or after July 22, 2021 and will occur as each fleet renews over the subsequent twelve months. Some fleet vehicles will still have the old version of the registration documents and those will be replaced over the next twelve months. They may also still have “PERM” decals that will still be valid.  

All vehicles added to fleets and fleet renewals processed after July 22, 2021 will have the new “FLEET” registrations and “PERM FLT” decals automatically mailed out.