Interstate 10 Inner Loop: Active Traffic Demand Management Planning Study

Completed 2020 - Interstate 10 is a major interregional and interstate freeway providing direct access to downtown Phoenix. The Inner Loop of I-10 spans between the I-10/I-17 Stack Interchange and the I-10/I-17 Split Interchange. This study encompassed the I-10 Inner Loop and extended from 35th Avenue to Sky Harbor Boulevard with an emphasis on the Deck Park Tunnel.

The I-10 Inner Loop is one of the most heavily traveled and congested freeways in the region with up to 300,000 vehicles per day. There is also significant truck traffic along the corridor ranging from 3.6% to 8.6% of total traffic. The corridor experiences a crash rate that is double the rate found on other freeways in the region. The primary contributing factors for the crashes on the Inner Loop near the Deck Park Tunnel were congestion, speed differential, merging traffic, and lane changes. Congestion alone is a primary contributing factor in 70% of the crashes. Congested conditions lead to instability in traffic flows and creates an unsafe driving environment.

The goal of this study was to investigate Active Traffic Demand Management (ATDM) strategies for improving operations and reducing crashes throughout the corridor. This study explores the potential to provide improvements to travel reliability and safety by identifying and implementing short- and long-term improvements on I-10 with an emphasis on the Deck Park Tunnel.

Final Report - February 2020