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(Last Updated 6/18/2020)

The Executive Hearing Office remains open to serve the public.  Nevertheless, in an effort to continue to ensure public health and safety, the Executive Hearing Office (EHO) is extending the conversion to telephonic settings for ALL hearings scheduled to convene through July 31, 2020.  All hearings during this time frame will proceed telephonically at the time and date for which they are currently set.

All hearing participants (petitioners, respondents, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and witnesses) are required to provide the following callback information to the Executive Hearing Office.  Please submit the following information by email as soon as possible to [email protected]:

  1. In the subject line of the email, please list the date of the hearing and “Hearing Callback Number” to expedite processing (e.g., “7/10/2020 Hearing Callback Number”);
  2. The telephone number at which you can be reached at the time of the hearing;
  3. Your full name and your role in the case (e.g., petitioner, attorney, law enforcement officer, witness, etc.);
  4. The Petitioner’s last name; and
  5. Include any documents as attachments that you have not already submitted but you wish the Administrative Law Judge to consider during the hearing.

While email is strongly preferred, you may submit your callback information and supporting documents via fax to the Executive Hearing Office at (602) 241-1624.  If, for any reason, you are unable to provide your callback information by email, you may call the Executive Hearing Office at (602) 712-7737.   Due to the anticipated increase in telephone volume, submitting callback information by telephone is highly discouraged, but if necessary, it is recommended you do so as soon as possible and well ahead of your hearing date.  Attorneys with clients who will be participating in the hearing may provide the phone number for their client prior to or at the time of hearing.

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will initiate the phone calls to start each hearing.  Although the ALJ will make every effort to begin each hearing on time, hearing start times may be delayed.   Please allow 30 minutes beyond your scheduled hearing time to be contacted by the ALJ or Executive Hearing Office staff.  Please be advised that the Executive Hearing Office initiates phone calls from a restricted number (no caller identification will display on your phone).  If your phone blocks calls from restricted or blocked numbers, you should remove that function from your phone prior to the time of your hearing to ensure the ALJ can reach you.  If the ALJ is unable to reach you at the phone number you have provided at the time set for your hearing, it may constitute a failure to appear.  If the Petitioner fails to appear for the scheduled hearing, the ALJ may issue a default ruling and the action taken by the Department may be upheld.

The Executive Hearing Office will continue to monitor the situation and will further extend conversion of hearings to telephonic settings beyond July 31, 2020, if necessary. Please check back for future updates.


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Welcome to the ADOT Executive Hearing Office (EHO) website.

Through this website you can access general information about the EHO, check the status of an upcoming hearing, or use our secure Web Portal to request a hearing or continuance, submit a Notice of Appearance, cancel or stipulate to a Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) action, or ask a general question. You will also find valuable information about EHO hearing processes and procedures located under the Hearing Information tab.

The ADOT Executive Hearing Office was established under the provisions of Arizona Administrative Code Title 17, Article 5 and falls under the authority of John Halikowski, director of the Arizona Department of Transportation.  The Chief Administrative Law Judge is responsible for the administration of the Executive Hearing Office, the assignment of cases, and the administrative duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Law Judges and staff.