Executive Hearing


(Updated 10/13/2020)


The Executive Hearing Office remains open to serve the public.  Nevertheless, in an effort to continue to ensure public health and safety, most hearings are being conducted telephonically.  If you have a hearing pending with the Executive Hearing Office, be sure to read your Notice of Hearing carefully for important information regarding the setting for the hearing.  For telephonic hearings, please review and follow the instructions for providing callback information prior to the date of the hearing.

The Executive Hearing Office will continue to monitor the situation. Check back for future updates.


Executive Hearing Office Seal


Welcome to the ADOT Executive Hearing Office (EHO) website.

Through this website you can access general information about the EHO, check the status of an upcoming hearing, or use our secure Web Portal to request a hearing or continuance, submit a Notice of Appearance, cancel or stipulate to a Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) action, or ask a general question. You will also find valuable information about EHO hearing processes and procedures located under the Hearing Information tab.

The ADOT Executive Hearing Office was established under the provisions of Arizona Administrative Code Title 17, Article 5 and falls under the authority of John Halikowski, director of the Arizona Department of Transportation.  The Chief Administrative Law Judge is responsible for the administration of the Executive Hearing Office, the assignment of cases, and the administrative duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Law Judges and staff.