Forms - Executive Hearing Office

Forms - Executive Hearing Office

Requesting a Hearing Without an Attorney:

When requesting a hearing for yourself, carefully read the options below and select the form that is appropriate for the type of hearing you are requesting.  Submitting the incorrect form or an incomplete form may result in delays in processing your request and it may take longer to review your request.

Attorney Hearing Requests:

If you are an attorney requesting a hearing for your client, requests should be submitted in motion form and must also be submitted with an accompanying Notice of Appearance.  Be sure to include in your Request for Hearing the identifying details for your client (full name, Date of Birth, Driver’s License Number, etc.) and the specific details of the action for which you are requesting a hearing (e.g. Date of Violation, Type of Suspension Action, the MVD Action Number or Withdrawal Number for the action, etc.).  You may include any additional documents or information you would like considered by the judge.

Hearing Request Forms:

Any of the following forms may be used to request a hearing:

Hearing Request Form   (This is the general hearing request form.  It should be used for all actions other than restitution lien hearing requests and lienholder complaints, as noted below.)

Lienholder Complaint Report  (Use this form to seek a hearing to impose financial penalties on a lienholder who has not timely released a lien after it has been satisfied (paid in full).  You will need to provide sufficient evidence that you have fully satisfied the lien for penalties to be imposed.  Regardless of the outcome of the hearing, the Executive Hearing Office will NOT remove the underlying lien.  To seek options for lien removal, you must contact the Motor Vehicle Division)

Restitution Lien Hearing Request Form  (Use this form to seek removal of a restitution lien placed due to a criminal restitution order.  The Executive Hearing Office can only review a request to remove a restitution lien.  The Executive Hearing Office cannot remove DOR, DES, TTEAP, or any other liens.)

Additional Forms:

Rehearing Request Form   (Use this form to request that the judge reconsider their decision and set a new hearing in your case.  This form should only be used after an initial hearing decision has been made.)  

Audio Request Form   (Use this form to request an audio copy of your hearing.  You must submit this by mail or in person to the Executive Hearing Office as it must be accompanied by the processing fee.)  

Interpreter Request Form  (Use this form to request interpreter assistance at a hearing)