Program Summary

The Third Party Program was created by statute in 1993 (Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 28 (Transportation), Chapter 13 (Authorized Third Parties)) to support Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT MVD) in providing a service alternative for customers doing business with ADOT MVD. Additionally, the Third Party Program is regulated by Arizona Administrative Code, Title 17 (Transportation) Chapter 7 (Third-Party Programs).  The first 11 ATP providers opened in 1994. Today, there are more than 100 ATP providers (companies), comprised of 180+ locations and more than 30 Inspection companies throughout the state.

The companies have direct access to ADOT/MVD’s title and registration, and in some cases driver license databases. They can create/update customer records in real time. This access authority is gained only after an agreement (contract) has been signed. Their staffs are trained to MVD standards and must follow policy and performance guidelines established by ADOT MVD. Companies are permitted by statute to retain a portion of the fees from some of the transactions they process, and they are allowed to charge reasonable convenience fees to their customers.

For Fiscal Year 2018, third parties have already conducted more than 4.4 million terminal based transactions, collecting over $530 million.  All companies are authorized to conduct title and registration transactions, 25 (40 locations) are permitted to process driver license transactions and continue to expand. Most third parties are open to the public and have the same general appearance as MVD offices.  18 companies with large fleets restrict activities to their own title work.