Blue Envelope Program for Autistic Drivers

Blue Envelope Program for Autistic Drivers

The Blue Envelope gives autistic drivers a single location to hold vehicle registration and insurance that will be needed if they are involved in a traffic stop by law enforcement. The envelope provides instructions for both the driver and officer to help guide effective communication, reduce the stress of the encounter, and ensure safety of all parties.

Participation in the Blue Envelope Program is voluntary and confidential. Neither MVD nor law enforcement will maintain records or a database of participants.

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division partnered with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the University of Arizona and University of Arizona Police Department to bring this program to Arizona.  


What is the purpose of the Blue Envelope?

The Blue Envelope Program is designed to ensure safe traffic stop interactions between law enforcement and autistic drivers by enhancing communication and awareness for all parties involved.

Where can I get a Blue Envelope?

Blue Envelopes will be available at all ADOT MVD offices statewide, starting April 25, 2024. Check back, as additional locations may become available in the future.

Where do I keep the Blue Envelope?

You should keep the Blue Envelope in the glove compartment or other easily accessible location of your vehicle(s).

Do I have to provide any medical information to receive a Blue Envelope?

No, you just need to visit an ADOT MVD office and pick one up.

What if the officer is not familiar with the Blue Envelope?

ADOT, AZDPS, UAPD and UA have collaborated to provide outreach and initial training to law enforcement agencies across the state to ensure awareness of the program. However, there may be situations where the officer is not yet familiar. The driver is still able to hand the Envelope to the officer and let them read it during the traffic stop. 

If I have a Blue Envelope will I still be cited for a traffic violation?

Participation in the Blue Envelope Program does not prevent a driver from receiving a citation.

How do we request to be an authorized provider of the Blue Envelope?

Contact Amanda Kindle with ADOT MVD to discuss your request.

Program Partners:

ADOT Motor Vehicle Division

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Department of Public Safety

Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS)

UofA Police Department

University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD)

University of Arizona

University of Arizona