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Aircraft Registration Changes Are Coming

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Attention Aircraft Owners: 

As a result of legislation approved this year, there will be changes to the aircraft registration system in the coming months. 

Effective before the 2023 registration cycle: 

  • Balloon owners will no longer be required to pay registration fees.
  • Decals will no longer be required on aircraft.
  • A change in the assessment formula may result in registration credits for some aircraft to be applied to the 2023 registration cycle.

Effective during the 2023 registration cycle: 

  • There will be upgrades to the AZ MVD Now portal to include aircraft and make it easier to manage aircraft licensing for both aircraft owners and the State of Arizona. 
  • Staggered registration: Instead of all registrations due in February, deadlines will be spread throughout the year. Details are to be determined.
    • Note: Owners of two or more aircraft can establish a fleet and pay all their registrations at the same time. 

What you can do to prepare for these changes: 

We will be updating you as things change. 

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Registration Renewal - Aircraft Services

Registration Renewal - Aircraft Services

Online Renewal

Renewing online is the fastest, most convenient and secure way to renew your aircraft.  Go online to Aircraft Registration Renewal and follow the prompts.  When you renew online, your record is updated instantly unless you renewed on the Weekend, Holiday or after 4:30pm PT, posting of the payment will be on the next business day. Note:  You do not need a renewal notice to renew your registration online.

Be prepared for the online Aircraft Registration Renewal, have the following information available:

  • FAA Number
  • Aircraft manufacture year

Aircraft registrations are due by the last day of February.

Renew By Mail

Mail (check or money order payable to: Motor Vehicle Division.  Write FAA number on the check.)

Arizona Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division, Aircraft Registration
PO Box 2100, MD 542M
Phoenix, AZ 85007

A $25 fee is charged for any check returned by a financial institution and may result in cancellation of aircraft registration.

Late Fees

To avoid a penalty fee your online renewal must be completed on or before the due date or your mail-in payment must be postmarked by the due date. The initial fee for a late registration is $25, plus an additional $5 for each month it is overdue.

Registration renewal reminders are mailed or emailed to the owner of record in late December.  You are responsible for renewing your registration by the due date whether or not you receive this courtesy notice.