Interstate Registration

Interstate Registration

The Division may provide for a type of commercial vehicle registration that allows foreign-registered, interstate-operated vehicles to travel in this state lawfully.

This registration, commonly known as the Nonresident Registration (Interstate Registration), is issued to an owner/operator of a commercially operated motor vehicle registered in another state or country who is conducting interstate operations and does not qualify or does not wish to register under the International Registration Plan (IRP).


Who Is Eligible?

All of these requirements must be met for the issuance of an interstate registration.

The owner/operator

  • Cannot be an Arizona resident, as defined by Arizona law.
  • Must have interstate operations.
  • Must have appropriate/valid operating authority through the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.
  • Does not qualify or does not wish to register under the IRP.

The vehicle

  • Must be a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Must have current out-of-state or out-of-country registration.

A Mexico-based owner/operator of an interstate registered vehicle cannot travel beyond the commercial zone perimeters established by federal regulation. Travel is allowed for these vehicles to and from United States-Mexico ports of entry and a specific distance past the locations listed below.

AZ Ports of Entry

Distance Beyond the City or Town Limits


4 miles


3 miles


3 miles


4 miles

San Luis

4 miles


3 miles


How do I apply?

Complete and submit an Interstate Registration Application and proof of vehicle ownership, may include any of these items:

  • Certificate of title in the owner’s name
  • Current out-of-state or out-of-country registration (Tarjeta de Circulación)
  • Copy of current lease agreement, if the vehicle is on a lease purchase arrangement


Documentation Required for New Applicants


Documentation for Renewals

Any questions pertaining to Interstate Registration, contact Motor Carrier licensing unit at [email protected] or 602-712-6775. 

All documentation for new and renewal applicants must be submitted to:

Motor Vehicle Division
Motor Carrier Services
PO Box 2100 Mail Drop 527M
Phoenix, Arizona 85007