IFTA Record-Keeping Requirements

IFTA Record-Keeping Requirements

You must read, understand and submit a signed copy of the Record Keeping Agreement at the time of application for an IFTA license.

Please maintain the following information to comply with the IFTA record-keeping requirements:

  • Company Name
  • Vehicle Number
  • Driver Name
  • Date of Trip
  • Beginning Odometer
  • Starting City (Origin)
  • Intermediate Stops
  • Routes/Highways
  • Odometer Readings at State Lines
  • Miles by State
  • Ending City (Destination)
  • Ending Odometer
  • Total Trip Miles
  • Fuel Purchases by State

Mileage and fuel data records must be maintained on each vehicle for each trip. Monthly and quarterly mileage summaries must also be maintained that separate miles for each vehicle for each jurisdiction in which the vehicle operated. Each jurisdiction’s miles must be separated into taxable and nontaxable miles.

You must maintain complete records, supported by receipts of all fuel purchases as reported on the quarterly IFTA tax report. Fuel purchases must be supported by a receipt, invoice, credit card receipt or microfilm/microfiche of the receipt or invoice.

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Fuel Tax Reporting

If mailing in your quarterly IFTA report, please send to this address: 

Fuel Tax Reporting Unit
Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 2100
MD 519M
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Fuel Tax Refunds

For more information on the IFTA, please see our Motor Carrier Services FAQ.