Military Personnel Registration Renewal

Military Personnel Registration Renewal

Arizona residents on active military duty stationed out of state may renew a vehicle registration:

  • Online (Fast, easy and secure)
  • Mail (pay by check or money order only)
    Motor Vehicle Division
    PO Box 29008
  • Phoenix, AZ 85038

Note: All requests for fee exemptions or waivers must be processed in person or by mail.

If you own a vehicle that is located out of state at the time of registration renewal and is required to be emissions tested, you may apply for an out-of-state emissions exemption from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

If a vehicle registration expires and the vehicle is not being driven or is in storage, a Registration Penalty Fee Waiver, Non-Use may be signed at the time of registration to waive the late registration penalties.

If you wish to maintain the current registration on a vehicle that you own or lease, but it is temporarily not being used, you may submit a De-Insured Certificate online.

If applying for or renewing an exemption, the registration renewal must be made by mail or in person at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.