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Adopt a Highway volunteers racked up big stats during 2023

Adopt a Highway volunteers racked up big stats during 2023

February 9, 2024

Litter cleaned from highways weighed as much as 653 NFL linemen

PHOENIX – Adopt a Highway volunteers continued making a big difference for Arizona during 2023. 

Representing 850 volunteer groups that have adopted state highway miles, nearly 9,000 of these dedicated individuals filled more than 15,000 bags with roadside litter, mainly outside of Arizona’s metropolitan areas. That works out to 103 tons – as much as 653 National Football League linemen.

The dollar value of these volunteers’ work, $674,000, demonstrates the great impact and saves the Arizona Department of Transportation money that can be committed to other critical needs.

“We are so grateful to the many Arizonans who help keep our state grand,” said Mary Currie, ADOT’s Adopt a Highway Program Manager. “Their dedication beautifies state highways that provide a first impression for many visitors and enhances Arizona’s natural beauty.”

There’s plenty of opportunity for even more Arizonans to become Adopt a Highway volunteers – and help rack up even weightier statistics. Civic-minded individuals, families, religious groups and others may receive two-year permits to clean up roadside litter on highway segments, usually a mile in each direction and largely in rural areas, that are deemed safe for volunteers. 

Groups agree to pick up litter in an adopted stretch at least once per year and preferably three or more times a year. They coordinate with ADOT to arrange for safety vests, litter bags and training for pickup events and then report the results. 

Another benefit: Each adopted stretch has a recognition sign bearing the Adopt a Highway group’s name.

For more information and to join our Adopt a Highway family, please visit azdot.gov/AdoptAHighway.