I-17 101 traffic interchange

ADOT crews now can clear travel lanes of minor wrecks

ADOT crews now can clear travel lanes of minor wrecks

March 30, 2017

PHOENIX – With a goal of keeping drivers and first responders safe and traffic flowing, Arizona Department of Transportation personnel are now authorized to clear or order removal of vehicles that are involved in minor crashes.

When incidents occur, ADOT coordinates with Arizona State Troopers to set up traffic control, close highways and, when necessary, arrange hazardous materials cleanup. When ADOT personnel arrive before State Troopers at the scene of a minor crash or when State Troopers ask them to do so, a new agency policy empowers them to take action to clear travel lanes.

“Quickly clearing hazards is a proven way to make everyone safer, including State Troopers, ADOT personnel and others responding,” said Brent Cain, ADOT’s director of Transportation Systems Management & Operations. “Having ADOT’s highly trained crews take action when appropriate to keep traffic moving promotes safety and reduces congestion.”

The change stems from best practices in Traffic Incident Management (TIM) strategies, including the principle of Quick Clearance.

Getting vehicles that are involved in minor crashes out of travel lanes quickly makes the roadway safer for other vehicles and emergency responders, reduces the chance of secondary crashes when traffic approaches the incident and minimizes overall traffic congestion.

State law requires drivers involved in minor crashes that don’t involve injuries to get their vehicles out of travel lanes as soon as it’s safe to do so.

State Troopers must authorize removal of vehicles involved in crashes that result in serious injuries or deaths.