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ADOT expands commercial truck permit program to San Luis Port of Entry

ADOT expands commercial truck permit program to San Luis Port of Entry

January 21, 2014

PHOENIX – In 2011, the Arizona Department of Transportation created a special overweight commercial truck permit pilot program to efficiently move time-sensitive produce shipments from Mexico across the border into Arizona through the Mariposa Commercial Port of Entry in Nogales. Success with the program in Nogales has now prompted ADOT to expand the program to include the 25-mile commercial zone at the San Luis Port of Entry.

The Single Trip Overweight Border Permit program increases the weight limits for commercial trucks from 80,000 pounds to 90,800 pounds when transporting produce from Mexico to be off-loaded into warehouses located in the commercial zone area of an Arizona international port of entry. The $75 permit may be purchased online or at the port.

Before the new ADOT overweight border permit program was implemented, more trucks and more trips were necessary to move the same amount of produce that now is accomplished with fewer trucks using the expanded overweight border permit program. Reducing the number of trucks puts fewer commercial vehicles on Arizona roadways, reducing traffic congestion and increasing traffic safety. The new permit also enhances security since cargo loads remain sealed longer and are less vulnerable to tampering.

ADOT worked with business and government representatives in the greater Yuma County area to specify allowable routes for the heavier loads in the San Luis Port of Entry commercial zone.

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