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ADOT investigation stops fraud at Authorized Third Party firm

ADOT investigation stops fraud at Authorized Third Party firm

September 28, 2017

PHOENIX – A criminal investigation by the Arizona Department of Transportation led to the arrest of the owner of a former Authorized Third Party business in the Valley who fraudulently used vehicle titles to obtain loans from banks and other institutions.

As part of its stringent monitoring of Authorized Third Party providers, the Motor Vehicle Division’s Compliance Unit discovered irregularities in the record-keeping of the suspect, Tamica Goree, 44, owner of Motor Vehicle Southwest in Peoria. It then teamed with ADOT’s Office of Inspector General, which investigates allegations of criminal violations.

The investigation found that Goree had fraudulently added her name to the title of a 2011 Maserati sedan and then fraudulently removed the lienholder from the title. She then used the vehicle as collateral to obtain multiple bank loans. She also fraudulently used Motor Vehicle Division databases to receive loans on a newer model Porsche.

The Motor Vehicle Division immediately took steps to suspend Goree as a processor and shut down her business.

“Through its consistent monitoring of Authorized Third Party businesses for compliance with state law and agency procedures, ADOT stopped this person from defrauding others,” MVD Director Eric Jorgensen said. “While we work with private businesses to give customers more options for MVD services, we also monitor these operations closely to protect customers and their information.”

Goree’s case went before a state grand jury, which indicted her on four counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, all felonies. ADOT detectives arrested Goree and booked her into the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail on Sept. 6.

Those wishing to become authorized to transact business on MVD’s behalf must pass background checks and complete extensive training to ensure they can process transactions accurately. ADOT oversees all Authorized Third Party businesses to ensure that stringent operational requirements are being followed.