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ADOT launches 2050 long range transportation plan with public survey

ADOT launches 2050 long range transportation plan with public survey

October 25, 2022

PHOENIX - The Arizona Department of Transportation has begun updating its 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan, which provides a blueprint and vision for the state’s future transportation system over the next 25 years. 

As part of the plan, ADOT has launched a survey to seek the public’s input on priorities for how ADOT should invest limited resources to meet future transportation needs across the state. The survey is available at https://metroquestsurvey.com/7y5b and on the plan website at www.ADOT2050plan.com.

The Long Range Transportation Plan is not project-specific. Instead, it will establish strategic priorities, goals and objectives that will guide ADOT’s transportation investments based on anticipated funding levels. The plan will also identify projected funding gaps to meet transportation system needs. 

The plan will include recommended investment choices, which will define how ADOT intends to allocate future resources across three major investment types:

  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation: Activities to maintain the current state highway system, such as replacing, repairing or maintaining pavement and repairing or replacing aging bridges. 
  • Modernization: Activities to improve safety and operations of the existing state highway system, such as adding shoulders and implementing smart road technologies. 
  • Expansion: Activities to add new highways, add lanes to existing highways or add interchanges. 

The survey will be open through Dec. 21, 2022. The Long Range Transportation Plan is expected to be finalized in May 2023.

For more information about the Long Range Transportation Plan, additional ways to provide input, and to sign up for the mailing list, visit ADOT2050plan.com.

If you experience difficulty accessing the Long Range Transportation Plan website from a work computer it may be blocked by your network's security filter. Please try logging in from a personal computer or device. To reach the study team for assistance contact [email protected]