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ADOT project updates traffic signal technology and timing in Payson

ADOT project updates traffic signal technology and timing in Payson

July 6, 2023

Goal is improving traffic flow on SR 87 and SR 260 by reducing stops at red lights

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation has upgraded traffic signal technology and timing on State Route 87 and State Route 260 in Payson to improve travel for residents, visitors and those passing through town.

Engineers with the Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) Division have added nine Payson traffic signals to ADOT’s Statewide Traffic Signal System by installing radios and cell modems. This allows ADOT staff in Phoenix and Payson to monitor the signals remotely and adjust timing when there is a scheduled event or an incident such as a crash that blocks lanes. 

Engineers also used this technology to create new signal timing plans for weekdays and for weekends, when Payson sees increased traffic heading to and through town. Separate signal timing plans for Saturdays and Sundays address the different traffic demands each day.

One advantage of this technology is having all signals on the same clock, getting rid of variability that develops when individual signals operate on their own clocks. Combined with the signal timing plan, this reduces delays caused by red lights on SR 87 and SR 260. 

Payson joins several other rural communities using this combination of technology and the coordinated signal timing on state highways that are key arteries. In Bullhead City, for example, travel through town on State Route 95 now takes five minutes less on average thanks to recent ADOT upgrades.

Payson presented engineers with a greater challenge than some other communities because the speed limit drops as traffic nears downtown, traffic signals are close together and there is a busy intersection where SR 260 meets SR 87. ADOT will continue working closely with local officials and other stakeholders to enhance traffic flow.

One other benefit of upgraded technology is closed-circuit television cameras that allow for remote monitoring of traffic. Several of these cameras are already available on ADOT’s Arizona Traveler Information website at az511.gov

ADOT’s Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) Division focuses on operational and safety improvements that enhance the performance of the existing transportation system. To learn more about how TSMO helps Arizonans get where they need to be, please visit azdot.gov/TSMO