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ADOT promotes motorcycle safety awareness for potential riders

ADOT promotes motorcycle safety awareness for potential riders

December 15, 2015

PHOENIX – With a goal of reducing crashes and fatalities involving motorcycles, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division has developed an online safety presentation for new riders.

The motorcycle safety awareness module, which will be available on ADOT’s website starting Jan. 1, is aimed at those seeking motorcycle instructional permits or first-time motorcycle endorsements on driver licenses. While reviewing it isn’t required, the Motor Vehicle Division strongly encourages applicants to view the material, which includes information that may be on the written test.

“Education is a vital component for safe riders,” ADOT Director John Halikowski said. “We want riders to have a good knowledge base in order to make good decisions while on the road. We also want to remind drivers to watch carefully for motorcyclists around them. Knowledgeable drivers and riders are safer drivers and riders.”

The presentation will cover tips for ensuring the motorcycle is in working order, safety gear that should be worn by the rider and safe riding techniques. It can be viewed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

With crash statistics showing an overall increase in motorcycle crashes in Arizona over the past five years, ADOT is working with the Department of Public Safety and Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to encourage motorcyclists to get safety training.

Reducing fatalities and crashes involving motorcycles through enhanced rider training programs and public awareness is a goal in ADOT’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

Those interested in riding motorcycles also can attend rider safety programs offered by state-approved schools. By completing one of these programs and receiving a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MFS) card from the school, applicants can skip both the written and road tests at MVD.

“Motorcycle safety is paramount,” said Alberto Gutier, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. “We encourage motorcyclists of all skill levels to take a professional, approved training program and practice safe riding habits.”

There are more than 30 ADOT-approved motorcycle driving schools across the state. A list of approved motorcycle schools is available at azdot.gov/drivingschools.

“With the large number of motorcycle enthusiasts that love to ride in Arizona, this presentation provides another avenue to get the message out about motorcycle safety. Safer riders lead to safer highways,” said Colonel Frank Milstead, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Over the past few years, the Motor Vehicle Division has issued around 1,000 motorcycle licenses and endorsements each month on average.

For more information, visit azdot.gov/motorcyclelicense.