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ADOT reminds drivers of rule for obtaining disabled plates and placards

ADOT reminds drivers of rule for obtaining disabled plates and placards

March 8, 2022

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division is reminding motorists that there are strict eligibility requirements to obtain license plates or placards for people who are disabled. 

“There are many Arizona residents (children and adults) that can’t walk 200 feet without rest due to a medical condition, said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser Richards “Those individuals could benefit with a Handicap Parking Placard if a certified health professional certifies the individual’s impaired mobility with the eligibility requirements.”

She added, “In many places there are reserved parking spaces for motorists portraying a Handicap Parking Placard or License Plate. Parking spaces marked with the International symbol of access for persons with disabilities are only to be used by vehicles displaying a valid placard or license plate with this symbol, and only when transporting the person who was issued the placard or plate. It is illegal for anyone else to park in these spaces and may result in a fine.”  

The person with a disability must be the driver or a passenger in the vehicle when the disability parking space is used.

Disability plates can only be displayed on a specific vehicle registered or leased by the person with the disability.

Disability placard travels with the person with the disability, that is, any vehicle that transports the disabled person carrying the Disability placard may park in those exclusive spaces. (Effective October 28, 2018, the permanent disability placard no longer has an expiration date and re-certification is not required to issue a replacement. Temporary disability placards are valid for six months at which time a new certification must be completed by an authorized physician).

Organizations that transport disabled individuals, such as nonprofits, can also be eligible to receive disability parking placards or license plates.

In order to apply, the person needs to complete the Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application found at bit.ly/3MdA2oT.

Legal guardians of a disabled person under 18 years old need to sign and provide their relationship to the applicant to receive handicap plates or placards.

For more information: azdot.gov/mvd.