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ADOT taking steps to address traffic management in Yarnell

ADOT taking steps to address traffic management in Yarnell

September 8, 2022

Upgraded speed limit signage and pedestrian crossing signage on US 89 entering the community of Yarnell are among the immediate measures being taken by the Arizona Department of Transportation to address safety issues following a recent fatal crash between a vehicle and a pedestrian. 

“ADOT’s priority is to get everyone home safely,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “I and a number of ADOT’s engineering staff met with Yavapai County Sheriff David Rhodes to look at how traffic can be managed better and potential solutions to improve safety for the residents of Yarnell, other nearby communities and the drivers who use this road. We look forward to a resourceful and collaborative process with area residents, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and other affected stakeholders.” 

Initially, ADOT will add pedestrian crossing signs with improved reflectivity that is more visible during both nighttime and daylight hours. The agency will also install new speed limit signs as drivers approach and enter Yarnell itself. 

As it looks into potential long-term improvements, ADOT will begin a Roadway Safety Assessment. This is a comprehensive report based on a review by a multi disciplined traffic safety team, onsite data collection, crash data and other vital information that may suggest changes to signing, striping, geometrics, traffic control or other safety improvements. 

The timeframe for the review can vary depending upon the complexity of the recommendations but is expected to be completed this fall. Also, information collected as part of the ongoing Department of Public Safety investigation of the fatal crash may help inform what potential measures could be taken to enhance safety. 

In addition to the area in and around Yarnell, an assessment will also be made about road conditions in nearby Peeples Valley.