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Alcohol-fueled crashes involving young drivers spike in May

Alcohol-fueled crashes involving young drivers spike in May

May 12, 2016

PHOENIX – Don’t let a mortarboard be the last hat your young driver wears.

If historical trends hold, the square covers tossed in the air at commencement ceremonies could be the last caps worn by some recent graduates.

That’s because alcohol-related crashes involving drivers ages 16-24 spike in May, making it one of the most dangerous months for young drivers. Since 2010, during the month of May there have been 50 alcohol-related fatal crashes involving young drivers on Arizona roadways, according to data collected by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Everyone with a diploma knows the solution: don’t drink and drive. Designate a driver. Call a cab or rideshare service. Besides being life-threatening to drivers, passengers and innocents that share the road, a DUI is a terrible graduation gift.

In an effort to discourage drinking and driving among young drivers – and as a reminder to drivers of all ages – many of ADOT’s overhead signs throughout Arizona will display the following message this weekend:


Crashes of all kinds involving young drivers typically peak in October and November. But the largest totals of alcohol-related crashes involving young drivers are in March and May. Many variables contribute to this, but spring break and end-of-the-school-year celebrations are obvious factors. Impaired driving crashes involving young drivers occur at higher-than-average rates during the months of June and July, too.