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August is ‘MVD Saves Lives Month’ promoting organ donation

August is ‘MVD Saves Lives Month’ promoting organ donation

August 8, 2017

PHOENIX – Organ donation saves lives and registering to become a donor is as simple as checking a box at the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division.

Jaimy Burdine of Buckeye was a donor who ultimately impacted many more lives.

On April 5, 2015, Jaimy and her son and mother, Vikki, kicked off the day by going on a horse cart ride. However, the peaceful ride turned into tragedy when the horse was startled and began to run uncontrollably.

Jaimy feared for her son’s life as the horse kept running and made the brave decision to jump backwards from the cart. This heroic act saved her son’s life, who only suffered a few scratches. However, Jaimy suffered a devastating brain injury.

Vikki was able to escape when the horse fell trying to make a turn. She ran back to her daughter’s aid while paramedics tried to save her. Sadly, Jaimy’s injuries were too severe. She took her last breath in her mother’s arms.

After her daughter passed away, Vikki learned that Jaimy had registered at the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division as an organ and tissue donor.

“Jaimy always wanted to help others, but thought she had little to offer. She would’ve never believed she could save her son’s life – and, ironically, because she registered as a donor, she was able to save four more lives and make life better for countless more,” said Vikki.

Since 2003, the Motor Vehicle Division has partnered with the Donor Network of Arizona to promote the benefits of organ donation and make becoming an organ donor as simple as checking a box on the application for a driver license or state ID. Today, more than half of Arizona adults have registered as organ donors, up from just eight percent when the partnership began.

The Donor Network of Arizona has designated August “MVD Saves Lives Month,” noting that nearly all registered organ donors in Arizona have done so through the Motor Vehicle Division.

“Making the decision to donate your organs is a very meaningful one,” MVD Director Eric Jorgensen said. “Through our great partnership with the Donor Network of Arizona, we’re able to help make it easier for people to sign up.”

For more information on organ donation, please visit DonateLifeAZ.org.