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Comment today on ADOT’s Tentative Long-Range Transportation Plan

Comment today on ADOT’s Tentative Long-Range Transportation Plan

December 5, 2017

PHOENIX – The public and agencies across the state have until Dec. 21 to comment on the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Tentative Long-Range Transportation Plan.

The plan, which is updated every five years, outlines strategies for meeting the state’s highway and bridge needs over the next 25 years. It can be reviewed at azdot.gov/WhatMovesYouArizona. The CiviComment online tool, which is also available on the project website, allows users to comment on the full report or comment on individual pages pulled from the document. The direct link to CiviComment is whatmovesyouarizona.civicomment.org.

ADOT spent the past two years drafting this update to the Long-Range Transportation Plan, which looks through 2040. The project team conducted stakeholder outreach, gathered extensive public comment across the state and worked through months of technical analysis.

During the 25-year period of this draft plan, about $923 million in annual highway capital funding will be available from state and federal sources. On average, the Phoenix and Tucson regions are expected to receive $512 million annually. Of that, $223 million comes from voter-approved regional programs in those two metropolitan areas dedicated largely to highway expansion. ADOT’s Recommended Investment Choice calls for all of the remaining annual average of $411 million to go toward preserving and modernizing highways in Greater Arizona.

The recommendation outlined in the Tentative Long-Range Transportation Plan is in line with public and stakeholder outreach, in which most participants listed preservation, safety and modernization projects as their highest priorities for Greater Arizona.

The Long-Range Transportation Plan is expected to be finalized in early 2018.

Comments can also be sent to:

  • ADOT Project Information Line: 1.855.712.8530
  • Mail:

      Long-Range Transportation Plan
      c/o ADOT Communications
      1655 W. Jackson St., Mail Drop 126F
      Phoenix, AZ 85007

Visit azdot.gov/WhatMovesYouArizona for more information on ADOT’s Long-Range Transportation Plan.