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Hearing Impaired Plate is now Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Hearing Impaired Plate is now Deaf/Hard of Hearing

June 30, 2022

PHOENIX – Effective today, the Hearing Impaired plate is rebranded to Deaf / Hard of Hearing and is also now available for motorcycles. 

This change was requested to include motorcycle riders as well as better reflect the different members of the hearing impaired community. 

The new Deaf / Hard of Hearing plate will be available in a motorcycle format. Personalization will also be available for $25.00 annually. The maximum number of characters is seven for standard plates and six for motorcycle plates. Customers that currently have a Hearing Impaired plate may request the new design for a $5.00 replacement fee, plus postage, however, the old design will remain valid for use.

To order a plate, visit azmvdnow.gov, an MVD office or Authorized Third-Party office.