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MVD offers tips for identifying scam texts, shady websites

MVD offers tips for identifying scam texts, shady websites

May 5, 2021

PHOENIX – Robocalls. Scammy text messages. Shady websites.

When it comes to doing business with the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division, ignore all unsolicited communications and avoid online search engines. Instead, go straight to the source at AZMVDNow.gov or ServiceArizona.com. These are legitimate MVD websites and the only ones customers should conduct personal MVD business on.

Over the past several months, customers have made ADOT aware of text messages they’ve received that claim the customer owes the “DMV” money or some other nonsense. Spoiler alert: These customers don’t owe what the text claims and these texts are a scam.

Pro tip: Any text, email or phone call that uses “DMV” instead of “MVD” is a clear give-away that a scam is afoot. 

When it comes to searching for information about renewing vehicle registration, getting an Arizona driver license, taking the instruction permit test or dozens of other MVD services, always go to ADOT’s official websites: azdot.gov,  AZMVDNow.gov or ServiceArizona.com. Don’t let a search engine steer you to a different site.

While many of those “DMV” websites are legal, they don’t have the customer’s best interest in mind because they charge for information that is freely available at azdot.gov, like the Arizona Driver License Manual and practice tests.

Remember, the only ADOT websites customers should conduct personal MVD business on are AZMVDNow.gov or ServiceArizona.com.