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National Household Travel Survey continues in Arizona through April

National Household Travel Survey continues in Arizona through April

March 17, 2017

PHOENIX – Over the past year, thousands of Arizonans have helped inform how we’ll all get around in the future by accepting invitations to participate in the National Household Travel Survey. With the survey wrapping up at the end of April, some are still getting letters asking them to take part.

The Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration are sending these invitations, most of them to households outside of metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson. The survey, conducted every five to seven years, provides an essential snapshot of transportation behaviors and trends by asking how members of a household get around on one day.

It’s important that as many households as possible participate because the answers will help state, local and federal officials decide when, where and how to invest limited transportation funding to improve roads, public transportation, sidewalks, bike paths and more.

Participation is voluntary and involves just a few easy steps. The first requires filling out a brief survey that comes with the invitation letter and returning it in a prepaid envelope. That takes about 10 minutes. Participants receive travel logs to record where members of their household go on an assigned travel day. Then they provide the information online or by phone, a process that usually takes 20 to 25 minutes.

Using a federal grant, ADOT has commissioned extra survey responses from beyond the Phoenix and Tucson areas to learn more about travel behaviors and trends in Greater Arizona. The goal is for about 80 percent of all participants to live beyond the Sun Corridor.

By law, all information provided is kept confidential, will be used only for research and cannot be sold. Names and other identifying information aren’t linked with the survey data used to create statistical summaries.

For those not invited to participate in the National Household Travel Survey, ADOT created an online travel survey available. Information gathered through this survey will also help create a more valuable transportation system for all.