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Travel ID getting more attention as deadline gets closer

Travel ID getting more attention as deadline gets closer

August 20, 2019

PHOENIX – With the federally-imposed deadline of October 1, 2020 drawing closer, as of this Friday the Transportation Security Administration will advise passengers passing through airport security checkpoints that it’s important to consider getting a Travel ID in order to meet upcoming new federal identification requirements.

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division offers the federally-compliant Travel ID at all MVD locations statewide. It’s also available at those Authorized Third Party providers that offer license and ID services.

“This is a significant step for the TSA,” said MVD Director Eric Jorgensen. “It’s important for the flying public to be aware of these new ID requirements. While those requirements are a federal mandate, licenses and IDs are issued by the state, and we encourage all Arizona motorists to strongly consider getting the Travel ID. It’s the simplest way to ensure you have the proper ID needed to pass through airport security starting on October 1, 2020.”

He added, “The Motor Vehicle Division has made this process very simple. People can make an MVD office appointment at servicearizona.com. Prior to coming to an office, a visit to azdot.gov/travelID will help begin the application process. Those who make an office appointment will typically be served in fewer than 30 minutes.”

In order to get a license or ID, customers need to bring three forms of documentation, including:

  1. Proof of ID such as a birth certificate or valid U.S. Passport
  2. Proof of Social Security number, such as a Social Security card
  3. Two documents proving Arizona residency such as a utility bill, rental statement or similar items

For a full list of acceptable documents and for more general information about the requirements for the Travel ID, visit azdot.gov/travelid.