Construction wraps up on SR 366 improvements

Sometimes seemingly minor road upgrades lead to big-time improvements for drivers…

Take the Swift Trail project in Graham County, for example. Crews currently are wrapping up work on the project that sits along SR 366. Construction began in February 2012 and included:

  • Replacing pipe drainage culverts at Noon Creek with a single concrete archway 
  • Constructing a new highway bridge at Wet Canyon 

The scope may not sound as massive as some of the projects we’ve blogged about, but all the work being done will make a difference to drivers and here’s why…

A new arch replaces drainage culverts at Noon Creek

A new arch replaces drainage culverts at Noon Creek

The old highway bridge at Wet Canyon was narrower and had a tight curve that could be difficult to maneuver for larger vehicles.

The new bridge is wider, has an easier turn and improved sight-lines for motorists. (By the way, the old bridge is still there. It’s a historic structure and was preserved for pedestrians.)

The drainage improvements at Noon Creek replaced two pipe culverts with one archway to reduce the potential for flooding – the new arch is much larger and will be able to handle higher water levels.

A look at the partnership involved on the Swift Trail Project
The project was constructed under the Federal Highway Administration’s Central Federal Lands Highway Division, in cooperation with ADOT and the U.S. Forest Service. FHWA funded the project with money allocated for routes that lead to federal lands – in this case, the Coronado National Forest.

Roadway or the new bridge at Wet Canyon.

The new bridge at Wet Canyon.

What’s next?
The project is essentially complete; in fact, representatives from ADOT and FHWA held a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month (see video above).

There is still a retaining wall that needs to be extended at the Wet Canyon site and that work is expected to be complete by the middle of this month. Construction at Noon Creek is finished.

More on the project can be found on the ADOT website.