Public input helps shape San Pedro River Bridge replacement project

Public involvement truly helps shape ADOT projects … just ask residents living near the San Pedro River Bridge.

Their local bridge sits on SR 90 and is slated for replacement – construction has already begun, in fact.

But, way before work got started earlier this week those residents took part in several ADOT public meetings where they were given a couple of different construction schedule alternatives.

One option called for a full closure of SR 90 at the San Pedro River…

That choice would have allowed the bridge replacement to wrap up in a six-month time frame, but it would have meant very lengthy detours for residents. The option was eliminated after comments from residents indicated a preference for a longer project schedule that would be able to keep SR 90 open through the duration.

18-month construction schedule – no extended full closure
“We’ll have a six-month construction period, six months of shut down for the summer migratory bird season in the San Pedro riparian wilderness area, which is where the bridge project is, and then six more months to finish the bridge,” says ADOT Senior Community Relations Officer C.T. Revere.

What else do drivers need to know?
This bridge, constructed in 1955, will be replaced by a new structure featuring wider traffic lanes and shoulders that meet current standards and provide adequate space for vehicles – including emergency responders, bicycles and pedestrians.

Construction on the $7 million bridge replacement project started Oct. 1 and once work is complete (by spring 2014), drivers can expect:

  • A new 44-foot wide bridge that replaces the existing 26-foot wide bridge.
  •  Two 12-foot traffic lanes and 10-foot shoulders in both directions.
  • Improved guardrails, and roadway and bridge approaches.
  • A new bridge that’s six feet higher than the existing structure (this is to comply with 100-year floodplain requirements.

Drivers also should take note of this project’s impact on traffic…

  • A temporary traffic signal will guide alternating traffic through a single shared lane during construction. Wait times are expected to be 5 to 8 minutes, with delays of up to 15 minutes possible. Motorists are advised to plan ahead and allow extra travel time.
  • Some overnight closures of SR 90 will be required for the safety of the public. Those scheduled closures will be announced in advance.
  • ADOT intends to have one lane open in each direction with no traffic signal during the season that construction work is shut down.