SR 260 improvement work continues through Doubtful Canyon

Judging from the video above, crews have been busy since we last checked in on the SR 260 widening project east of Payson…

Go watch the video from a year ago to compare with today’s and see if you agree (we’ll wait right here!).

See what we mean? The project is really coming along as crews work to construct three miles of four-lane divided highway.

About the SR 260 widening project
This part of the project (the Doubtful Canyon section) is the fifth of six projects designed to widen the highway all the way from Star Valley to the Mogollon Rim. The Doubtful Canyon portion falls between two previously improved sections of SR 260 and will include six concrete bridges, improved drainage, wildlife fencing and new signage.

The progress continues
“We’re more than halfway through the project at this point,” said Senior Resident Engineer Tom Goodman, adding that crews will have a lot of work to complete through the fall before slowing down for the winter months (it will be too cold up there to put down the final layer of rubberized asphalt).

“Once we get through September, most of the earth work and pipe work will be done on the project so there’s going to be quite a bit less activity out here it’s primarily just going to be working on the bridges at that point,” Goodman said.

Crews will come back again in the spring and early summer of next year to finish up the project and complete the final paving.

Stay tuned … we’ll continue to keep you updated on the project!