Dust storm danger: Will you know what to do?

Now that our Haboob Haiku challenge is coming to an end, who out there is ready for the next transportation themed poetry contest?

Got any “HOV-Lane Limericks”? How about an “Ode to the Road” or, maybe a “Cement Sonnet”?

On second thought, never mind – those are all terrible ideas.

Besides, we’re pretty certain nothing is going to top the impressive response we got with #HaboobHaiku!

Here’s a big thank you to everyone who submitted poems on Twitter, Facebook and the blog. You helped us spread the word on dust storm safety, which is exactly what we had hoped would happen (although, we admit we had no idea the message would go so far and so quickly!).

We had a lot of fun with this and hope you did, too, but as we wrap things up this week we want to remind everyone of just how dangerous haboobs can be. We’re headed into monsoon season (the official start is today) and those dusty, unpredictable storms are on their way.

So, before the next one hits, we invite you to take a look at the powerful video above. It illustrates why we all need to be aware of the havoc these storms can bring to our roads.

Stay safe and don’t forget: Pull Aside, Stay Alive.