I-17 closures slated between Happy Valley Road and Loop 303

By Kimberly Noetzel
Senior Community Relations Officer

Typically when ADOT closes an interstate, the closure itself is the big news. As ADOT prepares for the first of two overnight closures on Interstate 17 in north Phoenix, the 18-mile detour drivers will use is the big news.

ADOT will close I-17 between Happy Valley Road and Loop 303 over two weekend nights in June to install a new pedestrian bridge.

The frontage roads also will be closed so crews can set up the giant cranes and other heavy equipment necessary for this delicate operation. Drivers will use an 18-mile detour to bypass the work zone (see map below). North- and southbound I-17 will not be closed at the same time; however the 18-mile detour is the same for both closures.

This Friday (June 1) northbound I-17 will be closed between Happy Valley Road and Loop 303 from 11:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. Saturday (June 2). Northbound drivers will exit at Happy Valley Road and travel west to Lake Pleasant Parkway; north to Loop 303; then east to re-connect with I-17.

One week later, southbound I-17 will be closed from Loop 303 to Happy Valley Road from 11:30 p.m. Friday, June 8, to 4 a.m. Saturday, June 9. Southbound drivers will exit at Loop 303 and travel west to Lake Pleasant Parkway; south of Happy Valley Road; and east to re-connect with I-17.

Map illustrating the closure on I-17 from Happy Valley Road to Loop 303

Select image for larger view.

Services such as gasoline, water, coffee, restrooms and snacks are limited on the detour route. In fact, there are NO services on Loop 303 between Lake Pleasant Parkway and I-17.

Be sure you are well rested and have enough fuel in your vehicle before you enter the detour route.

Why such a lengthy detour, you wonder? As noted earlier, crews need to stage the cranes and other equipment on the frontage roads to install the bridge spans.

Second, the local streets in this area are purely residential. They’re simply not built to accommodate large trucks and other, higher-volume interstate traffic.

ADOT scheduled the closures overnight so fewer drivers would be impacted. If you have travel plans north of Phoenix on either weekend, consider traveling before or after this closure to avoid delays and extra miles.