Transportation Defined: Rebar Caps

Close up of rebar caps installed on rebar protruding from section of sound wall.

Rebar caps

This blog’s “Building a Freeway” series is our attempt at explaining the many steps involved in constructing a major transportation corridor...

We’ve visited several construction sites in order to share with you this up-close look at the process, but we have to admit sometimes we’ll see some construction-related object and have absolutely no idea what it is.

It’s a good thing there are plenty of people on the site of whom we can ask: “what is that?”

We thought we’d share their answers here on the blog and we’ll get started with rebar caps.

A rebar cap is a special steel-reinforced plastic “mushroom” cap that is placed on protruding rebar at construction sites.

Rebar caps installed on multiple rebars protruding from section of sound wall.

Rebar caps protect from injuries.

Even though it’s small, it serves an important purpose: these caps provide protection from injuries. An exposed piece of rebar can mean scratches and minor injuries … or, worse, if someone were to fall from above onto a piece of rebar that’s sticking up. Rebar caps protect from injuries.If there’s a long row of rebar, a 2x4 piece of lumber can actually be placed on top of these caps providing another layer of safety. Rebar caps protect from injuries. Transportation Defined is a series of explanatory blog posts designed to define the things you see on your everyday commute. Let us know if there's something you'd like to see explained ... leave a comment here on the blog or over on our Facebook page!